Top Fast Food Restaurants in Jaya Nagar

Some Restaurants in Jaya Nagar is perfect destination for the Fast Food lovers ! Jaya Nagar is One of the Popular shopping market of Bangalore. It is a destination for the food lovers who look for authentic fast food restaurant and Chinese cuisine. Specially priced set prepared dishes by our chef for a light and delicate set break fast. Here are some suggestions for fast food lovers.

Rajvardhan Foods: If you ever get a craving for typical Mumbai-style Vada-Pav, you should head for this little eatery in Jaya Nagar. Rajvardhan also serves Dabeli, the Sindhi snack of spiced bread doused in chutney and an interesting range of chaats.

Vasudev Adigas Fast Food: Adigas Fast Food restaurant is one largest and finest chain of fast foods in the city. The place serves some of the tastiest vegetarian delicacies at an easy on pocket price.

Cool Joint: One of the most popular chaat and juice places in the southern parts of the city, Cool Joint is unassuming, but completely chilled out. And packed at all hours with the crowds standing three-deep. Jayanagar regulars swear by the chatpata chaat here, especially the Samosa Chaat. The range of milkshakes and other creamy concoctions is a hit in hot weather, the Kesar Falooda being a popular order. It’s the fresh ingredients and fast service that makes the no-frills Cool Joint such a hot spot in these parts.

Canton Restaurant: Canton is the sort of Chinese restaurant we remember from several years ago. It’s an old hand in the business and with a bar attached is the place for a slightly upscale Chinese meal experience in this area. The interiors are dimly-lit with the red trimmings and kitsch that marked Chinese eateries of an earlier time. The food isn’t exactly pure Cantonese, but regulars are happy with the Sweetcorn Soup, the Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce and the Lychees with Ice-Cream for dessert.

Chung’s Restaurant: Chung’s is everywhere. it has the typical flaming red decor of the average Chinese restaurant in Jaya Nagar. Their food, however, is a notch above average. Reasonably priced for amazingly large portions, the fare is delectable to say the least. The Sweetcorn Soup is a warm treat in the damp Bangalore winter. The Golden Fried Prawns isn’t what you may expect-batter fried like bhajias. But it’s surprisingly unoily for a deep-fried dish, a tad bland but tasty nevertheless. The Vegetable Koithai Noodles (flat Malaysian noodles) and Paneer Chilly Gravy are lip-smackingly sumptuous. The menu card could do with a makeover with a detailed description of the dishes, lest one gets unpleasantly surprised. And while they’re at it, they could increase the number of menu cards, and perhaps even the waiters.

Manjia: If you happen to be looking for Sui Mai or Malaysian Noodles in Jayanagar with its profusion of multi-cuisine eateries and fast food outlets, Manjia may be the place to go. Small and functional, this eatery, and its branch in Vyalikaval, serve Chinese in the neighbourhood eatery-style, which serves the purpose when you want to get a not-too-expensive meal in these areas.
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