Fast Foods Don’t Have To Be Fat Foods

Let’s admit it, man cannot live on bread alone. Day in and day out, we consume fast food like we need to drink water or take a bath. And can we help it? Those scrumptious mouthfuls satisfy our fancy like we couldn’t imagine. We eat away not withstanding the fact that they contain very high amounts of fat, calories, cholesterol, sugar and sodium. Not all fast foods though are unhealthy and by eating them in moderation, we are not putting our bodies too much at risk. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to alter your daily intake of fast food.

If we limit eating or skip the fattening dressings or toppings on burgers and salads, then we can guiltlessly enjoy them on occasion. Avoid sandwiches with cheese or mayo dressing topped with soda. Pick broth-based soups instead of the cream-based ones. Try to eat healthier, grease-less breakfasts at home as much as you can. Keep away from having them from your favorite diner or taking them to-go. Usually too, crispy foods means deep-fried so this is one more thing to watch out for. Stay more on the likes of broiled, grilled, baked or stir-fried ones rather than deep fried. Try not to order combo meals as well as they force you to finish up what you could normally eat sometimes. Instead, order the smaller servings/sizes. If it cannot be helped to order in bigger amounts then you can just save what you have left to-go and have it for lunch or dinner.

If you really have that itch and are going fast food crazy, try substituting your diet with “”alternative”” fast foods such as canned tuna, canned juices, cereals, instant oatmeal, granola bars, dried/fresh fruits, yogurts. These stuff you can add in your grocery list and you can easily stock them up in your kitchen and pack them with you for work or anywhere you need to be.

It wouldn’t hurt to satisfy our taste buds with the traditional fast foods we come to know and enjoy once in a while. But always remember that you are what you eat. Hence, be mindful of the nutritional content of your meals. There’s nothing more rewarding than giving your body what it’s worth and by changing the way you define and eat fast foods, then you are giving yourself a delightful treat more than you know.