Choices for wedding cake toppers

Though it is that much mandatory, the toppers for wedding cakes have already become very essential to the wedding cakes for these days. As a new couple, you never want to miss out a cake topper, decorated to accentuate the dream cakes at your grand reception. When the things come about cake toppers, there are several selections to choose from the large list. A perfect way to select the right topper for the cake is to pick the one that can represent both the personalities of the couple. Here are some great choices of cakes toppers you may consider to select from the wide range.

Romantic cake with having a theme of beach:
For the beautiful beach reception of a wedding, this special theme of wedding reception with having a beach themed topper is the perfect match to the wedding cake. This very classic inspired newly wedded topper features a typical stylish update on the convention of the bride and the broom cakes toppers, while properly capturing the beach nuptials celebration. Made from those hand painted porcelain broth, this very beach theme topper can reflects barefoot bride and the groom joyously in the sand. The toppers can be decorated photo cake attached with bright edible photos of beach or blue sea where the couple are having a sail. You will surely love having this romantic beach theme cake for the wedding day and also showing at home just after the rituals of wedding has completed.

Swarovski Crystal as cake toppers:
Photo cakes or the themes toppers are good but the monograms are very much stylish and these be jewelled monograms letters will surely allow people to carry the monogram theme into the wedding with a proper class and also sophistication. This Swarovski crystal with letter is quite classic and also very modern toppers that can add a proper accent to the cake, as well as the timeless accessories that will definitely impress the whole guest list of the party. Crafted from genuine silver plated metal and decorated with some precious crystal, these jewelled toppers can be easily customised by combining the first initial with polished silver heart or with a perfect combination of the first letter of both the names and the shared surname initial as well.

Heart celebration cake topper:
Quite simple and still elegant, this heart shaped cake top candle can really make a very cute accent to the simple looking cake. They generally arrive with a free 80 z filled bottle of all smokeless lamp oil in some different colour. You can also engrave both the names on the silver or gold leaf, which completely depends on the personal choice. These candle toppers can be reused in any of the romantic event with the photo cake as your first marriage anniversary, on a candle light romantic dinner party or Valentine ‘s Day with your dearest one.

Heart Photo Cake topper:
A very personalized accent on the cake, this heart shaped photo cakes topper is a contemporary topper that is actually show the happiness and romantic couple snaps that you will surely cherish for the years to come forward. This photo cakes topper is a double sided picture frame that can actually hold the two pictures back to back while sitting quite perfectly on the wedding cakes. A perfect topper that can usually make a beautiful wedding cakes can actually accentuate the grand party also.